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Floor Refinishing

Sanding and Refinishing hardwood flooring is a very economical way to transform the look of your home and enhance its value. Homeowners often want to bring their hardwood floors back to life; the only way that this can be accomplished is by doing a full sanding and refinishing of the floor by a reputable company.

Many homes have beautiful hardwood floors hidden underneath carpet, tile, linoleum, or other floor covering. Sanding and refinishing your newly exposed hardwood floor is necessary to highlight its beauty. Some homeowners have hardwood floors that have dulled or scratched over time. In many cases, years of wear or neglect can cause wood floors to become dull. Refinishing is needed to restore the floors to their original luster and beauty, bringing them back to life and preserving their quality and appeal. Having your floors refinished enhances the wood's natural color and helps to protect it from the elements.

Frank Cimino Floor Refinishing can bring the original beauty back to your wood flooring through professional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing. Hardwood floors represent a significant investment in your home. Wood floors add not only beauty, but value, as they can be refinished to look like new. Unlike other floor coverings, it is possible to completely renew your hardwood floor. You're even able to change the color of the wood by staining during the refinishing process!

We use state-of-the-art sanding equipment and a powerful vacuum system that reduces the inevitable dust to a minimum. You can choose from a variety of stain colors that are available to either enhance or alter the natural color of your wood floors. We also provide bleaching services.